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Eos group is a group of businesses, whose main field of work is maritime, whose roots date back to 1917, which includes Armador Ship Management, Eos Tarım, Dentaş and Cındemir shipyards, and which aims to create faster and higher quality business areas for the sector, and is a group of businesses established entirely with domestic capital.



Sustainability in success in the investments we make and the projects we implement is our most important work topic.


We never hesitate to share our experiences and knowledge due to the importance we attach to the society and environment we live in.

Value Given to Human

The value we give to our customers in our work is the guarantee of our success.


We respect people, society and the Environment we live in, and we are against any violation of rights.


Reliability is our most important guarantee.


Our belief in success is always complete.



Armador Ship Management is one of the leading ship management companies in Turkey and provides maritime transportation services to various destinations based on the experiences of its founding partners since 1959. Armador Ship Management started its journey more than 60 years ago and managed to increase its current fleet size. br>
It has diversified its services with dry cargo, general cargo and tanker type vessels, exceeding 300,000 DWT, and expanded its population area thanks to its steady growth. Armador Ship Management has become the symbol of trust in chemical, mine, container and dry cargo transportation with its 20 ships.



Every ship brought to our shipyard is handled with first class service and advanced technology. In line with customer demands, all problems of the ship are reviewed and every detail is concentrated. Whatever the problem, we guarantee to solve what you need at the best price. We are ready to earn your trust with years of experience. We use our technical and professional skills to dock all kinds of watercraft in line with the demands of our customers.

We are committed to providing reliable services with timely and safe operations. Your ship is a valuable guest of our pool.



TORGEM shipyard has been at the forefront of modern shipbuilding in Turkey. Between 1977 and 1982 the company significantly developed and improved shipbuilding technology for Turkish shipbuilding during a period of rapid growth and development. The shipyard has served as the site of more than 100 new construction projects. TORGEM has continued to develop its facilities and technology to expand its capabilities. Today the facility is equipped to build, repair, maintain and convert a wide variety of vessels, including chemical tankers, cargo vessels, tugs and mega yachts.



Dentaş Shipyard, which has signed many new construction projects since its establishment, can build ships up to 30,000 DWT with a 145 x 25 meter slipway, a gantry crane with a carrying capacity of 120+120+80 tons and a steel processing capacity of 9,000 tons per year.

br> Dentaş Shipyard is among the most important shipyards of Turkey in the field of maintenance and repair, as in new construction.

Dentaş Shipyard continues its activities in Tuzla region, Turkey's most important shipbuilding center, in its facilities covering a total area of 18,000 square meters, of which 6,114 square meters are closed.



Eos Tarim is a new generation agricultural company that produces walnuts and almonds, established with 100% domestic capital.

Established in 2010, Eos Tarım is one of Turkey's distinguished agricultural companies with its 2000 decares of walnut and almond orchards.

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